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Scanner for gems?

Hi everyone, A few years back someone on this forum recommended the
UMAX ASTRA 1200S for scanning jewelry. I bought one and was very
pleased with it. Now I have a different computer which will not take
the 1200S’s scuzzy port – it takes only a USB port. Can any one
recommend from expirience which UMAX to hunt for on eBay that will
reproduce the same results as the 1200S?

My computer has windows 98 --166 ghz Pentium–3 gb hardrive --and 80
mgb memory. Your input would be much appreciated!


Hi, Susan-

Your least expensive option, assuming that you still have room in
your PC for one more card, is to install a SCSI card, and keep your
scanner. If you are using a PC with windows 98, there is nothing
with respect to either hardware or software which should prevent
this, unless all of the card slots are already full.

FWIW, I now use an Epson Perfection 836 SCSI, and I love it- it’s
fast, and takes high-quality scans. It’s also very Linux friendly,
which is of course the wave of the future :wink:

Lee Einer