Scanner and Digital camera

I need help and I am not really computer saavy. I need to get a
scanner with a slide attachment and a digital camera to take
pictures of jewelry. Does anyone have advice on reasonably priced
equipment, that takes good pictures (more for l purposes
rather than jury/magazine quality), and where to get it? Any ideas,
suggestions and would be sincerely appreciated.

Marlene Richey
Wm. Richey Designs

Hi, I’m not entirely sure, why you need a camera AND a scanner, but
I use an Olympus D-510. It has 3X optical zoom and 6X digital zoom.
lots of automatic adjustments (as you can tell, I’m not one with
technical gadgetry either :slight_smile: I’m a far cry from a professional
photographer, but after a while of practice I am able to take decent
enough pictures with this camera, since it is very simple to use.


Hi, I’m no expert, but just purchased a new (older) digitel camera,
recommended by a professional photographer and friend of mine. I
found several on E-bay…Nikon 990. He says it’s a much better
camera than the new Nikon 4500. Be prepared to spend @ $425, and make
certain the manuals are part of the package. You will also need
battery packs to recharge, and I was told that two are reccommended.
Mine has an attachment which will read slides and make photos from
the slides on a regular scanner. As mine hasn’t yet arrived, I don’t
have any “hands-on experience” with it as yet. Computer system is
Macitosh and you will need Photoshop software. Check out Ebay, zoom
into Nikon and take a look. Then check out Nikon itself for more
If you find a 990 for sale, you could always email the
seller with your questions. Good Luck Mary Ann Archer Mary Ann Archer