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Scanned copies of the GIA and AGS certs

I lost a sale today to a Internet retailer listing the same stone.
Surprisingly they also had a scanned copy of the diamond on their
site. I notice others like Blue Nile also have scanned copies of the
GIA and AGS certs. Anyone familiar as to where they are downloading
the certs.

Thanks, John

It has been my experience that copies (and scans) of the certs are
available from the OWNERS of the diamonds.

Large Diamond distributors list their stones on many venues: RapNet,
Polygon, BlueNile, etc. In order to do that, jpgs of the certs are

Several diamond wholesalers are now set up to add a "diamond search"
to your store’s website, listing their stones with copies of the
certs and links that make it appear like the inventory is YOURS.

Sadly when the same diamond is being offered by a number of
retailers (some with storefronts and some online only) the only way
to make the sale is by offering the stones with extremely low

Barbra V.