Sawing titanium in medical emergency

Question for all. I have a customer who is interested in getting a
titanium ring. His wife to be heard that titanium can not be cut off
during a medical emergency. Is this true? Thanks Leslie

Leslie Anne Wright Macy

I have never heard that this is an actual problem. It is in general
no more difficult than stainless steel. Bill

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No, not true at all. I have a simple ring cutter from Rio Grande
and it cuts through my Titanium 6/4 alloy rings in about 20 seconds.
Obviously titanium can be cut, or it wouldn’t be able to be machined.
A simple High-Speed steel blade will cut through the toughest
titanium alloy with ease. A carbide blade will just last a bit

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

It depends on what grade of titanium. I’ve had a few people ask me
this, I told them they could be cut off with a ring cutter because
that’s what I have heard. I decided to try it myself and ordered an
emergency ring cutter. Well with 6-4 titanium I didn’t even make it
half way into the ring. I used oil while cutting, but the steel blade
just got dull. After 10 minutes of trying all I had was a nick in the
side of the ring. I think with CP titanium it would be ok because it
is softer and weaker.

Maybe paramedics carry more industrial ring cutters but I really
don’t know.