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Saw storage solution


I do as much piercing as I can, and like to use all of the saws for
different things (or just switch out when things aren’t going
well!). They are a pain to store. Nothing like Homeless Despot. This
is a janitor’s mop holder mounted to a wall. The holders slide so I
can add a few more to hold the other saws I have hanging around. I
find it handy because the saws can be turned in the holders to lay
somewhat flat against the wall and it takes up hardly any space at

Hope you like it! Bob


Great idea and lovely saw collection.

Jo Haemer


Thank you. And you have some nice saws there! - M’lou


The half circle saw is fascinating! Where can I buy one?

With envy, MA


Perfect! I have been racking my brain to try and figure out a way to
store those darn saws. Thank you.

I see you have a Green Lion Studios saw, I have two and I love them.


Hi I have 2 saws I use.

One is stored on the front of my bench. The other on the wall next
to my bench.

I hang them on a plastic finger that has a 90% bend in them and a
screw out the base of the finger.

Just screwed them into the bench and the wall. Got them at a joke

Always put a smile on visiting jewellers.

Wow there are some great tips on this post.



That’s cool. I hang my saws on a hook off my flex shaft stand. I
only have 2 going at once though. I Like the curvy frame one in your
collection there.


Thank you all for your bench tips! Some of these wonderful
descriptions are hard to visualize. It would be wonderful if
everyone would post pictures along with their descriptions.




I use a number of those stackable black tool drawer sets to store
tools and equipment throughout my studio. They look like this one

I remove any wheels that might come with the drawers because I don’t
really want them to be moveable.

One of them is beside my flexshafts and one of the shallow drawers
holds all the accessories (felt wheels, burs, grinding wheels,
abrasive wheels, etc.) for using with the flexshaft.

Left by themselves to slide around the drawer, they would become an
unusable mess so… I placed several long magnetic strips on the
floor of the drawer, towards the front of the drawer, and store the
accessories, (wheels mounted on their mandrels), on the magnetic
strips. These are the kind of strips like these

At the rear of the drawer are the duplicates of the wheels,
unmounted and in small plastic bins (I use the boxes that used to be
used for holding slides), ready to be used once the ones that I’ve
used have worn out.

When working at the flexshafts, I just pull out the drawer, leaving
it open, and reach in to grab whichever wheel or bur I need to use.

I have one of those drawer sets as the base for my soldering station
(this one has some deeper drawers), and store soldering tools and
equipment (flux jars, soldering blocks, jigs, binding wire, etc.) in
the drawers. I do stand up while soldering and this arrangement
makes it easy to access anything that I need to use.

Above my soldering station is another of those magnetic strips that
holds extra crosslock tweezers, and other assorted tools that I
might need for soldering operations.

Hope you find this useful,
Linda Kaye-Moses

I see you have a Green Lion Studios saw, I have two and I love

Other than the handsome shape, what is it that makes it so

Linda in central FL


Linda - the Green Lion saws are very well designed! The handle is
made of a very hard rubber (think smooth tire) and is shaped in such
a way that your hand locks into place and doesn’t want to slide off.
The two hooks actually serve a purpose other than style: the front
hook comes into play when it comes time to change blades - lock down
blade in the front with the front lock thumb screw leaving the bottom
one loose, turn the saw upside down and insert the hook into the V
notch in your bench pin, push into the pin to compress frame and
tighten bottom thumb lock screw. Once you get the process down it’s
super fast to change blades and the tension simply does not slip on
you like with the traditional (terrible) german saws. The bottom hook
creates an anchor point for your index finger to aid in achieving the
same grip every time you go to pick up the saw and make a cut,
resulting in more consistency throughout your work flow.

I intend on getting a few more of these saws in the future as I like
to have multiple size blades rigged up and ready to go. They are also
super stable and cut nice and straight with a very usable throat

One day when I have more cabbage I’m going to treat myself to one of
those titanium Knew Concepts saws. What gorgeous tools they are!