Saw-Piercing Patterns (Clip Art)

Can anyone point me in the direction of sources of patterns (clip
art) for saw-piercing jewelry? Internet sources preferred but any
would be helpful. Many thanks

mike in West Coast Florida
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Hi Mike, I would think you could just go to a search engine google,
mamma, etc and type in clip art and maybe even an additional word
for the category you might want i.e. flowers, celtic and you would
get a list of sites providing such images. Michelle

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Mike, Personally, I have had some fun using Chinese paper cuts for
patterns, woodblock prints, or other print making patterns, the book
"Grammer of Ornament", most of the Dover books (some now come w/
CDs) are extremely useful for design ideas just pick the subject
matter you are interested in. Dover books are usually not very
expensive and eBay might have some even cheaper. There are numerous
websites devoted to heraldry to give you some ideas and patterns.
Also I have recently been told part of the software programs Abode
"Photoshop" or “Illustrator” or another program called "Streamline"
can take any photo and render it into an image unsing only black and
white values (positive & negative spaces). I am looking forward to
hearing other suggestions for ideas for patterns. I am always
looking to add more patterns to try w/ my saw or w/ enamels. Joel

Mike, I can’t say that I know of any clip art for specifically for
jewelry but here is one for scroll saw work with pictures that can be
modified for jewelry work. There are some beautiful pieces but beware
these are pretty intricate patterns. The address is: . Enjoy. Look for other scroll saw patterns using
your search engines. By the way, these patterns are for public use so
there is no copyright infringement.

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Try the Dover Publications. They have tons of books full of clip
art of various types that would suit you well. They do sell direct, , but most art and craft stores
have a pretty good selection.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR

Many thanks for your ideas.

It looks like I will need to convert to saw patterns the multitude
of clip-art you folks helped me find. I am averse to taking
someone’s personal work and converting it and am really pleased to
have found so much public domain art and graphics.

Joel – Adobe Photoshop is of great help in creating and modifying
clip art. It can convert to black and white, as you noted, and it
can do some conversation to line drawings as well. It’s pricey but

Michelle – Thanks – the search terms I was using on Google were
turning up 'way too many results and many too irrelevant results.
Heraldry worked well, too.

Joel and Ron – Still more thanks. Dover lists eight or nine pages
of topical clip art books. Probably around 150 different books.

Thomas – Also thanks. The scroll-saw patterns would work well, but
are, for me, mostly off-topic.

mike in West Coast Florida
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Do a search for embroidery patterns - I looked for ages for a
suitable design to use for replacing the marquetry on the lid of an
antique musical box without success, then my wife bought a
computerised embroidery machine and we trawled the web for designs
to use with it. Now I have dozens of possible designs for my
marquetry! You could try starting at Many
of the designs are free.

Best Wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK