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Saw piercing and aquarium pumps

Hey great idea John and others…I bought a cheapo aquarium
air pump but the outputis only 1 psi and so ended up getting a
$26 pump that puts out 4.5 psi which works alot better. Sure
makes sawing intricate designs alot more fun and no more huffing
and puffing…Dave

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Hi Everyone These fish tank pumps very well. If you have one
which has a piston to do the pumping you will get a good
pressure, but to make it even better make up a tip (like the
tapered end of a welding tip with a 1 m/m hole in the end and you
can realy direct it where you need it.

If you have a pump which has a diaphragm for the pumping you
will get air volume but not pressure but you will if you fit the
tip in the above example. This will create its own pressure due
to the restriction of the tip.

Another way is to use the bellows type pump used to blow up
beach balls, air mattress etc. This could be adapted to be used
with the foot or attached to the side of one of the bench legs
and operated by pressing your leg against it.

Hope this is of some help.

Major @pyramid