Saw Lub

Mark said,

  1. What is a good, low maintenance lubricant for trim saws to replace
    Petrochemicals like diesel.

  2. With the phasing out of Silicon Carbide (Wet & Dry) paper what are
    people using as a replacement? *****************************

I’ve used a mist coolant concentrate. Mist coolants are used in
industry to cool cutting tools on lathes, mills & other machines. The
concentrates are mixed with water, usually about 1 to 32, a little
goes a long way.

I mix the concentrate to the weakest level suggested by the mfgr.
Since it’s a rust inhibitor it doesn’t have to be dumped or dryed if
you leave your machine set for a while.

The concentrates are available from just about any industrial supply
house. They range in price from about $8 -20 a gal. I use the $20
stuff because I also use it on a mill & lathe.

I didn’t know SC wet/dry paper was going away. I’d check with 3M & see
what they have to replace it, if it truely is going away.