Saw blade comparison


Anyone know how the 8/0 or 7/0 Rio Herkules White Label Saw blades
compare to: Rio Laser Saw Blades and Rio Laser Gold Saw Blades? And
how the Rio German Saw Blades (which only go up to 4/0) compare?

Janet in Jerusalem

I use Vallorbe saw blades from Karl Fischer Gmbh, tHerkules or
better yet he “high quality German” line Rio sells when I buy them
from Rio. The HQ German blades have a rounded back, which is an
advantage- I tried an assortment pack a few years ago- they worked
well ! So it’s basically a question of one’s preference and what you
want to pay for them. Cheap blades are no bargain- the teeth are
irregular in most cases and the material/alloy they are made from
inferior and far more brittle compared to branded blades that boast
some ‘feature’. There isn’t any reason not to at least try either
branded blade.,You will notice a difference in cutting with a hand
saw frame. The only consideration is that Rio tends to discontinue or
phase products out after a period of time, sometimes replacing it
with something comparable or outsourcing the item ( generally a
consumable) with a well known manufacturer’s product repackaged for
Rio. I think the laser line is probably made by Herkules anyway so
pick the price you want to pay. The bottom line is their flexibility-
whichever ones break the least for you and come in sizes you like for
the work or metal you use are the ones to stock up on!..rer

Generally speaking, the cheapest blades aren’t worth bothering with
for cutting metal. Any good blade will perform well on all but the
most demanding situations. Harder materials call for harder blades.
Because ofthe relationship between hardness and brittleness in
heat-treated tool steel (that blades are made from) harder blades
can break more easily than softer, springier blades. Bendability is
good for most applications, as it’s an indication of flexibility (and
resistance to fatigue from repeated flexing). For harder materials,
such as Platinum or steel, a harder, slightly morebrittle, blade
will cut faster and farther. I saw a lot of tool steel, and I’ve been
using Pike Platinum blades almost exclusively for several years.
Grobet has recently come out with a new blade, the ‘Super Pike’,
which (from what I’ve heard) is somewhere between the regular Pike
and the Platinum. For what I’m cutting, it’s no big deal if a few
blades snap prematurely, because overall, the Platinums cut
fasterand farther. So, as far as a distance -per- number-of-strokes
perspective, they are the clear champion for me.