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[Saving] Manufacturing services for Orchid members


Daniel Grandi ( from offers the
following services at special rates to Orcud members:

manufacturing the original Master and production models from drawings
or samples.

Creating special tooling for inhouse bezel stonesetting.

Rubber and metal mold manufacturing.

Casting in small to large quantities in gold, silver, brass/bronze
and pewter.

Next day casting for custom carved waxes for model makers and jewelry

Vibratory, magnetic finishing and hand polishing.

Stamping in various metals.

Die makings.

custom and volume cnc engraving.

Hard fired enameling and epoxy colouring.

Emblem , badge and insignia ( police,military,corporate giftware)

custom aluminium mold frames for rubber mold making.

Equipment that we will soon be offering for sale (Self Designed)

automatic clamping and injection machines for rubber molds.

Digital oven ,waxpot and vulcanizer controls. Vacuum enhancers for
flasks (casting).

For better Orchid

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