Save rusty workshop

There was a post on here some time ago about using a new product on
tools for protection from rust. It is made to clean up rusty bicycle
chains and such and leave them with a coating of Teflon. Rose Alene Mc
Arthur @O_B_McArthurs

I read a tip in the newspaper of my beachside community for
rust-proofing tools in the garage: keep a bucket of sand, filled with
oil, to dip tools in. The sand works the rust off and the oil coats
the tools. Then just wipe them off and hang them up for storage.
Seems it would also work on a smaller scale with jewelers tools.

Another tip if you want a spray: Boat owners use CRC (available in
marine supply stores and possibly hardware stores). They spray
tools, engines, and everything with it. It’s much better for
rust-proofing than WD40. I don’t know how toxic it would be indoors,

Tess Headley