Satin cast xtreme

Hello, i need about this investment for working with
palladium white gold. Can anybody tell me some tips for mixing time
and metal temperatures for the flask and metal pouring in it?

Thanks very much.

I have had good luck with kerr satin cast I have been doing normal
burn out scheduals and cast at 1000 degree flask temps but have had
no succes using a vacume caster or an elctromelt. I use my platinum
casting machine (verticle spin caster) and hydrogen and oxygen and
get real good results I am sure you could use a traditional spin
caster and propane and oxygen i just am using what I have. I have
used the platinum investment but it is not necesary I have used both
the quick vest and the slow stuff and notice no difference from
regular investment. hope this helps

Sincerely Kevin

Thanks for your reply.i dond=B4t get good castings with my vacuum
casting and my electomelt for cast 18kt palladium white gold,i
trying with all the burnout cicles and all types of investment and
my casting results are very bad ,what you recomend to me?all the
people say me that the vest method is a induction centrifuge machine
and a friend of mine offer to me a centrifuge ordinary very
cheap.what do you think?i work a lot of with white palladium gold.