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Satin Cast 20 issue

I have been using satin cast 20 for a long time and last 100lbs tub is not mixing like all tubs in the past. I measure to the gram and have used 100/38 ratio of investment to water. After mixing now investment to to thick to pour. I have gone to 100/40 ratio and it’s better but still thicker than 100/38 of the past. I have sent request for info to Kerr with only auto reply to this point. I have also confirmed that my digital scale is accurate as are my digital timers. Any suggestions?


I have also noted slightly faster set times

If it of any help, I was casting for wholesale
I cast 500-1,000 pieces each week
for 12 years.
I mix 90 seconds, vacuum 90 seconds,
pour into flasks and vacuum again, 90 seconds.
That is my remedy for thicker slurry.

I’d suggest not weighing and measuring. I like R&R Ultravest, which doesn’t really matter. After I lifetime of casting I never weigh of measure and always get good results (knock on wood). I know how many scoops of investment I need for each size flask, then add water until it is the right consistency. It doesn’t require precision as much as feel. Give it a try?

Mark, I am glad not weighing works for
Investment is very forgiving when
I mis-weighed and had to add more
water or investment, and that experience
comes over time.
However, it is faster and easier for
me to weight water and powder.
At one point I was doing 9 3"x7" flasks
three times a week.

Just a thought, water temperature is important. I believe Satin cast calls for 70 deg F to 90 deg F water temp. You might want to try a cooler water temp.
Mix for 3 minutes, vacuum rubber bowl for 15 seconds from a boil and vacuum flask for 60 to 90 seconds from a boil.

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I use Satin Cast & over time it’ll want to set fast. I weigh my water & powder. I use room temp. distilled water. I usually try to use a 7 min. window instead of nine & add a little extra water. Mix, vacuum after it rises and falls time for 45 sec, fill flask & vaccum When it bubbles vigorously time for 45 secs & done. I usually cast one of’s so I just purchase the small can at a time & usually cast a 2x3 flask.

Tim and I never weigh. We just use very cold water and mix with our fingers
to Belgian Waffle batter thickness. Not pancake or waffle thickness but a
bit thinner like Belgian waffle batter or a French crepe. We vacuum the
investment in he bowl and again in the flask. How long? Til it’s done.
Kinda like learning cooking from a Granny.
We haven’t had a casting failure in decades.
Jo Haemer

Thank you all for your posts.

Been trying to figure this out and have yet to do so.

FYI do casting for others so have so work with what i am given. work with 4 investments now and some have special recipes.

I wish i could mix to feel like Joe and others do. How cool is that!!!

What I do is measured and timed so that it is repeatable and consistent.

Time makes time