Satellite bag locator

A few months ago I saw an article in one of the jewelry magazines
about a small device you can place into your jewelry bag. If the bag
is stolen, the electronic emitter can be located by satellite. Did
anyone see that or know where this kind of device is available?


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This sounds like a great idea but from what I have heard about the
organized ring of jewelry thieves is the first thing they do is strip
the bag and dump it… Frank Goss

Alan, I would suggest getting in touch with Jeweler’s Mutual. They
should be able to put you in touch with a satellite tracking device
for a jewelry salesman’s case. I have seen literature for several
variations on the idea. Best Wishes,

I agree, Frank. I think the bags with the remote activated stun gun
in the handle are much better. The bag won’t get so far away from
you. :^)


Hi Alan, I found several items that could be used to track jewelry.
I have Lo-Jack tracking on both my cars. I helped prove the
feasibility back in 1960, it uses Loran. Most Police cars that have
4 antennas on the top have it installed.

I went to the Google search engine, typed " Satellite Tracking
Device " (without the quotes) and got hundreds of hits. These use
GPS tracking. Much more accurate, to within a few feet. Heres a

This one seems to be the standard, many people sell it at different
prices.  this one seems to be one of the more 
professional units...

Applied Digital Solutions  Shadow Tracker 
Jr.....this looks like the one....1"x2"x3"....pretty small

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Alan: Security Track offers a bag with a built in satellite tracking
system. You can contact them at or at 718

Doug Zaruba

I would urge anyone who is thinking of using satellite tracking to
spend their money on more insurance and not this kind of toy. It
will work if the bag is not in a car or in a building or in a high
rise area or forest etc, I used to do testing of GPS systems for
government contracts I worked on when I worked as an engineer. GPS
works great when it has an unobstructed view of several satellites,
but it is not too accurate when its view of the sky is obstructed.
And it has a built in random error of up to 100 meters on civilian
models so that it is more difficult to use as a cheap guidance
system for weapons. The Government can turn that error on and off at
will. There are ways to make it more accurate but they are all
impractical for a bag sized object and the equipment needed would
fill most of the bag.

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 I have Lo-Jack tracking on both my cars.  I helped prove the
feasibility back in 1960, it uses Loran. 

Interesting! I have both Loran and GPS for navigation on my boat. My
understanding, through marine sources, is that Loran is going to be
shut down at some point in deference to the technologically superior
GPS. What will Lo-Jack users do? Rhetorical question, I guess…

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