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Sarching The Orchid Archives

Yesterday, I tried to search for somethng I KNEW was in the archives
(info on the Shark torch), but had no success. I went to Yahoo and
put in the same search terms, and immediately got the thread from
the Orchid archives. Is there some special trick to finding things
in the archives, or do we just have a rusty search engine? If others
have the same experience I had, it might explain why so many
questions get repeated. --Noel

** Hanuman’s Response **

Dear Noel;

Thank you for raising this issue. I totally agree that the current
search engine is old and rusty. Looking into better solutions I am
pleased to announce the beta version of our new search engine which
hopefully will retrieve with better accuracy and ease.
Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

for a better Orchid


I am pleased to announce that today I completed the installation and
the tune-up of the new archive search service. Now more than ever
the retrieval is much faster and accurate. As fun as it
can be to dig the archives for hours, the new search engine offers
an easy access to our ever-growing pool of and human

You are invited to try it out at:

Please offer comments and input for future improvements.

For a better Orchid

Thank you so so much for raising this issue and making the fix! I’ve
been meaning to ask about this very thing ever since the fortuitous
day I somehow stumbled upon Orchid. :slight_smile: Knowing there were issues I
have been trying to save every message I might possibly ever have
need to reference, knowing I might lose the forever
otherwise…needless to say I now have hundreds upon hundreds of
saved emails, which would require a search engine of their own to be
of any use! Again, thanks, and thanks Hanuman for keeping Orchid so
very useful and enjoyable.

Jessica in San Francisco, where last night’s storm is still pounding