Sapphires plus

Hi Everyone:

We are going to Thailand and would like to be gem smart enough
to purchase some stones…

Does anyone know what to look for ? Where to buy them? Any
will be of help… Perhaps someone out there is
familiar with Chiang Rai and ChiangMai … and can steer us in
the right direction.

Thanks Luisa

My advice is to be very careful buying stones in Thailand …
fakes are abundant and are sold to unknowing tourists all the
time.It is important to have a good understanding of the stones
you are buying.Color and clarity and cut are important. Your
biggest and easiest group of stone dealers are in Bangkok…
look for lapidaries and people who advertise that they cut
stones.( many of them advertise, but don’t really do it).
Jewelry stores are not a good place to buy loose stones. If it
doesn’t look right, don’t buy… Large rubies and saphires for
$50 to $100 on the street in any town are not real. My family had
a factory/ jewelry business in Thailand for many years and we
had been burned many times when buying loose stones from
dealers who " came directly from the mines." The best sources
are the big gem dealers in bangkok, although you may pay a bit
more than up country,there is at least a 90% chance that you are
buying the real thing and that you will be able to order from
them directly by phone from the USA. Hope this helps out… We do
finished products and raw castings for a number of designers in
Gold, Silver , Brass , Bronze and White metal.

Daniel Grandi (visit the workshop on the