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Sapphires, and Gerry's web address

My brother-in-law is looking for a sapphire, and I was doing some
searching for him. I tried to find Gerry’s site (which I thought I
had bookmarked) and couldn’t find it. Gerry - could you send it
please? And do you have any sapphires presently?

In the process of browsing around I went to Richard Wise’s site - - and am now drooling all over my computer! I have
remembered both why I have it bookmarked, and why I haven’t bought
anything from him! When I win the lottery, Richard had better look
out - because I’ll be coming! If you haven’t checked out his
site, it is some VERY nice eye candy!

No connection to either Gerry or Richard, but both have great sites
(so why can’t I find Gerry’s???). Bummer!

Thanks in advance!
Beth in SC


My website is We do not display all
our stones on the website. Please email Marty with a request and she
will post a special URL just for you to see.

I have just finished the September Tucson show. Thank you to all
the people who stopped by. It was very nice meeting new people and
seeing again people I only see once in a while.

We are hunkered down manufacturing new lines of cabachons. This
will take several months to get going. Then we must get ready for
Tucson February 2005. Every day is full with production, packaging,
paper work, and taking care of customers.

Best of wishes to all.
Gerry Galarneau

Hi Gerry, I stopped by your booth last week in Tucson and had a
terrific time browsing through your marvelous collection of
cabochons. There wasn’t a question I could ask about a stone that
you couldn’t answer in amazing detail. A little gemology course right
there. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Marty after reading
your posts for all this time. Meeting you really made me feel like I
was a member of the Orchid family. Hope to see you in February.

Beverly Jones