Santa Fe Symposium, May 22-25

I am going to my first Santa Fe Symposium and wondering if any
Orchidians will be attending? I know Jim Binnion and Tino Volpe will
be doing presentations. Please let me know if you will be attending
so I can be on the lookout to meet you there.

Donna Shimazu

I’ll be there Sunday afternoon. Riding in on the motorcycle from a
ride with 40 of my biker budies. The Hard Rocks Motorcycle Club. We
rent the little town of Reserve NM for a weekend every year. I’ll be
the guy in black leather.

Bill Seeley

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.
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E-mail- @Michele_Deborah_Bill

Donna: Gregg Todd of Stuller will be giving a presentation on solder
flow/designations at the Symposium this year. Also, I will be
attending the Symposium, along with several Stuller metallurgists and
our director of casting.

See you there

James Gilbert
Stuller Metals