Santa Fe Symposium May 21–24, 2017

Experience the Premier Conference for Jewelry Makers and Educators

Registration is now open for the 2017 Santa Fe Symposium®. Join your industry peers in Albuquerque, N.M. from May 21–24, 2017.

“There is one reason I attend the Santa Fe Symposium year after year without fail: I learn more there than I do through the rest of the year,” says Eddie Bell, one of the founders of the Symposium.

At its inception 31 years ago, the Santa Fe Symposium® brought forth a notion that professionals across the global jewelry market could, and should, collaborate on their business practices and their thoughts about the future. Over three decades later, the Santa Fe Symposium is highly regarded as the premier conference to learn about new industry developments. Non-commercial and uncompetitive, the Santa Fe Symposium focuses on asking questions, opening peer-to- peer discussions, and widening professional networks within the jewelry market. The result is a unique combination of art and science that inspires innovation in design and production.

There are 24 speakers planned for the 2017 Symposium, and presentation topics will include discussions on laser printing, improving the hardness of fine gold, fanning the creative spark, business growth, and much more.

“The Symposium is all about the science of making jewelry and, for me, it is a lot more than that,” says Gary Dawson, professional designer/goldsmith and six-time presenter at the Santa Fe Symposium®, “It is the opportunity to meet people who are every bit as passionate about making jewelry as I am and to share and absorb that passion during every waking moment.”

Register before March 31, 2017 to reserve your spot with early-registration pricing. Scholarships are available for a few qualified applicants. Group registration (2 or more people from your business) offers even further discounts. Seating is limited, so act now to reserve your place.

Information and registration is accepted on our website: or contact the Events Team at; 505.839.3249 / 800.952.6222. Whether this is your first or your 31st year attending, we look forward to welcoming you at the Santa Fe Symposium® being held May 21–24, 2017 in Albuquerque, N.M.

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Is anyone else going to this? Interested in a orchid meet-up? Drink at the hotel bar?

I’ll be there.

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…

I would hope so! Congratulations on being a finalist for the Saul Bell Award, love the piece, looking forward to seeing it in person. If you wouldn’t mind, how did you set the rattle into the ring?

glue and rivet.

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I’ll be there. Leaving PDX soon. See ya later.

At SeaTac.