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[Santa Fe] Inviataion: Artist Reception

Just sending out this message to all of Orchid Land. You are all
welcome to join us during our group artist reception the Thrusday
before Indian Market up in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Victoria Price
Art & Design…that would be August 16th, from 5pm to 7pm.

Details can be found at this page. -

We will all be showcasing our latest works there in addition to some
of us participating in the Market that weekend as well.

Personally Ill be introducing new work that incorporates Industial
diamonds set into stainless steel, a small sculptural piece built for
the juried competition, ever expanding work with the hira-zogan style
of inlay into stainless, and a new work done with mechanical

Cody Sanderson (fellow orchidian) will also be present with his new
work, a great evolution of traditional repousse’ work that always
turns heads.

We hope to see some of you there during this busy weekend.

Best Regards,
P@ and Cody