Santa Fe Indian Market tips

I am excited to say that we are going to Indian Market in Santa Fe
for the first time this year. Are there any tips (don’t miss,
parking, etc.) from those of you who have been visitors or
exhibitors? And I would love to hear about any Orchid members who
might be exhibiting this time. I plan to soak up every second and am
on a list to possibly volunteer.

This year’s poster artist is a jeweler, Maria Samora, the first
woman in many years to be chosen as Indian Market’s poster artist.
You can view her fabulous work at her website.

I notice she was mentored by G. Phil Poirier, a name familiar to many
Orchid members.

Beverly Jones

Tip #1: Be prepared to be there early - not just for parking. Some
of the better vendors will be sold out by the time the market
officially opens.

Tip #2: Be prepared to wait. Getting a table at an eating
establishment can be problematic.

Tip #3 Be prepared to spend money - lot’s of it. It cost vendors
lots to sell there.

Tip #4 Bring Water, and a good hat.

Tip #5 For bargains, spend time near the market’s closing. The
selection might not be the best, but vendors are often willing to
sell a little cheaper.

Tip #6 Relax and enjoy New Mexico!

I’ve been there 3 of the last 4 years - can’t make it this year
however. Last year a friend won best of show.

Bob J

I am excited to say that we are going to Indian Market in Santa Fe
for the first time this year. Are there any tips (don't miss,
parking, etc.) 

You wont be dissapointed. IM is an awesome event, I have been a
spectator for many, many years, and now a vendor ongoing for 3 years

Wear comfortable shoes!!! You will do a lot of walking. That would
be the numero uno tip I can give. Pack a trash bag with you, the rain
has been known to pick up unexpectedly at times. Also sun block, if
the sun is out, you will get sun burned, being that high in altitude,
you are that much closer to the sun. Park where you can. The rest is
more experienceing the show.

The week leading up to the weekend will be filled with TONs of
gallery openings, check out a few. The one not to miss will be Marty
Struevers opening on Thrudsay night at the El Dorado Hotel. She has
an amazing representation of jewerly and pottery. Her show also
extends thru the weekend.

Friday night is the preview of award winning pieces, try and get
some tickets to see an amazing collection of all the work that was
submitted for the competition.

If you are up late on friday night, say midnight or later…take a
trip to the plaza and witness first hand the people camped out in
artists booths waiting to be first in line for a chance to acquire a
piece(s) from them, I thought this was just rumor…but no its true
and pretty amazing to see people sleeping on the sidewalk or on air
mattresses/sleeping bags. Raymond Yazzie and Perry Shorty’s booths
are the ones to watch, they will probably be sold out by show opening
and both are amazing jewelers.

Conversely, the start of the day is crazy, people are out early, say
5-5:30 am, and the show doesnt officially start till 7am. From there,
its just a cool show to check out. The deals are to be had on suday
late if your going to be buying…selection will be limited.

Maria Samora’s booth will be super busy this year, and major props
on her being the poster artist this year, she is an awesome person
and good friend, and does absolutely amazing work. Im hoping her
mentor Phil will be coming down to the show as well.

Be sure to make time to visit the shows surrounding IM. There are a
bunch of vendors selling cabs, beads, and other supplies. The main
place for that is at the Hilton accross the street from the El

Lastly, swing by my booth, I love to meet fellow orchidians. Ill be
on the plaza.

Have fun and safe travels getting there.

in the last minute dash getting ready for Indian Market.

The Plaza cafe on the west side of the plaza is my favorite place to
eat, the bowl of vegetarian chili with squash and veggies is insane,
Tomasitas at the train station is good too. And of course the famous
coyote cafe if you can get in.

Self Promotion:

I am not an exhibiter at the Indian Market. But if you’re in town my
work is represented by Fairchild & Company, 110 West San Francisco
St.,Santa Fe, NM 87501.

West San Francisco borders the plaza which is the focus of the
Indian Market.


A few more tips for the Market - bring a large bottle of water to
tote around - you can wait in line to buy some, but why? Locals tend
to go NOWHERE without their bottle of water (at least when I lived
there). And, while you won’t find bad food anywhere, I highly
recommend Maria’s, the Horseman’s Haven (carne adovado!!), Harry’s
Roadhouse and Felipe’s Tacos - none of which are right on the plaza.
Eat first, then go shopping. Excellent Tennesee Walker Horseback
rides at the Broken Saddle Riding Co., 20 minutes south of Santa Fe
on Cerrillos Rd. - you can see the oldest turquoise mine in North
America, and Madrid is a very funky artist town, 3 miles south.
(Cerrillos Rd. turns into Hwy 14, or the Turquoise Trail.) At my
last count, Madrid had 33 art galleries, and a bar. Very “Northern
Exposure”. Email me for any questions - Oh, and 10,000 Waves is an
excellent place to recover - hot tubs, massages, even nightingale
dropping facials, not that I’ve tried that! Have fun! (Let us know
how it goes!)

Susan “Sam” Kaffine