[Santa Fe] Gallery opening

My father and I are having a gallery opening at the new Bahti
gallery in Santa Fe, NM this week end. If you are in the area come
in and introduce yourself as an Orchid. Saturday evening is the best
time to catch me there, July 21st. Hope to see you there.

119 E. Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM
Sam Patania, Tucson

Oh heck Sam, can’t you put it off grin? I won’t be In Santa Fe
until Indian Market weekend on the 16th of August. Have a great show!
I am in a show that opened yesterday at Sam Shaw’s Gallery in Maine.
Its called: “Body Parts”…of course. Meet you there? Oh, that’s
right, I am not going to be there either. Shoot. I just started to do
some animal carving for the first time. I will post pictures when I


Lisa, ( new baby chicks here…woo hoo! They are soooo cuuuute!)
Topanga, CA USA

No I gotta get back to make more stuff but come to the gallery, 119
E. Palace Ave. My dad will be here and they can show you my
jewelry. Santa Fe is so nice, I want to stay longer but, reality