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[Santa Clara, CA] Open Studio Workshop Class


Do you need shop time or space to finish a project? Do you have
questions you want answered? Do you need help with a project?

Brian Meek, an Orchid regular will be doing a 6 week long open studio
session at Mission College, in Santa Clara, CA. (San Francisco, South
Bay) The class will run from 10 AM to 2 PM on six Saturdays, starting
on April 10, with a break on May 1. It will be run in Mission
College’s Metals & Sculpture studio. It’s intended as an open
workshop for people with existing projects to complete, rather than a
formal class, so it is non-credit. On the other hand, this leaves me
free to answer whatever questions people have, or to help out where
they need me, on topics ranging from blacksmithing to titanium, to
engraving and beyond.

The cost is $150 for 6 four hour sessions, with the entire contents
of my bag of tricks available for request. For examples of my work,
or student work and handouts from my classes in Santa Barbara, check

The easiest way to register would be to call Mission College’s
Community Education department at 408-855-5105.

Brian Meek.