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[Santa Barbara] Silversmithing or PMC classes?


I am moving to Santa Barbara Ca. and wondering if anyone knows of
silversmithing and or PMC classes in the area? Thanks in advance,

Nancy S. McDonald



You’re in luck, we have one of the best adult-ed jewelry programs in
the country. (I teach there, so this is a case of “even if I do say
so myself…”)

We do PMC periodically. We also do casting, fabrication,
‘southwestern jewelry’, as well as a really good ‘old world’ enamel
class and a whole slew of other more advanced topics on a “when we
get enough people interested” basis. (We’ve done everything from
granulation and Kum-boo to reactive metals and serious hydraulic
forming.) I’ve been trying to get a silversmithing class off the
ground for about a year, so one more person to add to the chorus
would be really good. We also bring national artists in several
times a year for weekend workshops. Santa Barbara’s kind of an odd
town, mostly due to cost of living, but there’s a really nice,
friendly bunch of people involved in the jewelry studio. It’s a
wonderful community, both the studio, and the town.

You’re looking for the Santa Barbara City College Adult-Ed Wake
Center. (What a mouthful, eh?) It’s on Turnpike road, (Exit off the
101) head towards the mountains, just past the first intersection,
it’ll be the school looking thing on your right. We’re around back
in room 8. We’re currently 4 weeks into an 11 week term, but there
will be plenty of room next time round. Feel free to contact me when
you hit town, and I’ll be happy to show you the studio.

Welcome to the party.
-Brian Meek.



For PMC, you might try looking up a “PMC Ambassador” in your area.
These are PMC Guild members who have completed a certification
course and have volunteered to answer questions about PMC, including
about local resources. I think it likely a nearby "PMC Ambassador"
will be able to suggest classes in your area, as well as perhaps
putting you in contact with a local chapter of the PMC Guild, if you
like. Many ambassadors also teach, so they are well positioned to
assist. Visit and click on “Getting Started” and
then the link for “PMC Ambassadors” to search for a contact near


Suzanne Wade
suzanne AT


Thanks so much for the info Brian and I look forward to meeting you
and seeing the studio when I hit town the middle of the month.

Best, Nancy
Nancy S. McDonald


Hi Brian,

I am the one who you emailed through ganoksin that was moving to SB.
Well, I have arrived and so happy to be here! I design and make
silver jewelry and am just starting out. I would love to come and
see the Santa Barbara city college whenever is convenient for you.
You sent me the directions which are great and think I can find my
way there. I look forward to meeting you and having a look around.

Best, Nancy McDonald
Nancy S. McDonald