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Sandra's Granulation paper

I have to say that Sandra Buchholtz’ silver Granulation Paper is the
among the finest, and I’ve read just about everything. The Orchid
archives contain references to all the other works out there. It is
easy to understand and follow; nothing is left out. Her name is
forever enshrined in the pantheon of my memory.

I would recommend that anyone wanting to try this (in silver) read
Sandra’s paper (fine silver), and John Cogswell’s article (sterling
silver granulation) in Metals Technic (Tim McCreight, editor).
Between those two, you will have what you need. Cogswell’s article
includes making granules. Having tried sterling silver granulation,
I can tell you that it is much harder to do than fine silver
granulation. (Requiring more re-firings to adhere granules). It’s
most cost-effective, and less frustrating, if your time means
anything, to do it in fine silver.

Having said this, don’t everyone jump in and make her make you a
copy! She’s very generous to offer, but she’s done this a number of
times already! Wait for it to be on Orchid (I thought it was
already?), or look up the original article in Lapidary Journal, Sept
and Oct 1998 issues, with corrections(for LJ editorial deletions) in
Dec 1998., archived articles and projects.
Sources for materials are all in the Orchid archives.

Thanks Lin Lahlum