Sandra Noble Goss - Jewelry Gallery

Goss Design Studio
Owen Sound, ON. Canada

I have been a jewellery and metal artist since 1973. I work in my attic studio in my home and sell my work across Canada. My metals of choice are sterling, brass, copper and bronze. In addition I design metal sculptures, wall pieces and books, often combining etched metal images with intaglio prints. My primary aim is to produce jewellery that has a dual function: to be beautiful and also be a wearable “memorandum”. When worn it evokes a memory, is a reminder, acknowledges a history and is an aid to memory. The piece of jewellery can itself be a momento; from words, to images, to maps,to vintage and family photographs.

Materials: sterling silver
Dimensions: approx: 8cm x 4 cm (words)

Pierced sterling silver.

Photo credit: Andrew Goss


Materials: sterling silver
Dimensions: width 4.5cm

Etched and pierced sterling silver.

Photo credit: Andrew Goss

The Boys- Cameo

Materials: Brass, sterling silver
Dimensions: 6 cm x 4.5 cm

Etched Brass, and pierced and die formed sterling and brass.

Photo credit: Andrew Goss