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Sandra Dini - Jewelry Gallery


Pontassieve (Firenze), Italy

Trained at the Art School and the Florentine goldsmith school Fujstudio, Sandra Dini began his career as a goldsmith in 1989 initially in Florence and then moved into the countryside in the town of Pontassieve. Here, among the hills of olive groves, in his laboratory surrounded by a multitude of plants that bloom throughout the year, Sandra has found the right environment to be able to give free rein to his need to create, free from the constraints of space and time. Her jewels are the expression of an emotion that comes from a creative chaos and liquid material, where the stones, so different from each other for colors, gradients, reflections, are linked by a wire that connects the old with the new, and the imperfections, intrusions, the ones that are perfect for lovers of defects, in the jewels of Sandra assume primary character, such as the choice of using red gold, as if to proclaim that beauty is not only the prerogative of perfection and wealth.
Since 1995 collaborates with prestigious American boutiques and famous jewelry stores in Tuscany.

Materials: silver,rose gold, rutilate quartz,mineral agate,pearl Dimensions: h. inch 1.37

cuff - silver,rose gold, rutilated quartz,mineral agate,pearl

Photo credit: sandra dini


5- ring

Materials: silver, rose gold, red coral
Dimensions: h. inch 1.18

ring silver, rose gold, red coral

Photo credit: sandra dini


1 ring

Materials: 14kt gold,boulder opal,diamond
Dimensions: h. inch 0.98

ring- 14kt gold,boulder opal,diamond

Photo credit: sandra dini



Materials: silver,rose gold, rutilated quartz,pearls
Dimensions: h. inch 2.36

earring silver,rose gold, rutilated quartz,pearls

Photo credit: sandra dini


3 - ring

Materials: silver,rose gold,opals
Dimensions: h. inch 1.10

ring silver, rose gold, blue opals

Photo credit: sandra dini



Materials: silver, rose gold, peridot, diamond
Dimensions: h. inch 1.06

ring, silver, rose gold, peridot, diamond

Photo credit: sandra dini


7- cuff

Materials: silver, rose gold, rutilated quartz, ruby
Dimensions: h. inch 1.77

cuff, silver, rose gold, rutilated quartz, ruby

Photo credit: sandra dini


6 cuff

Materials: silver, rose gold, diamond, madera citrine
Dimensions: h. inch 1.96

cuff - silver, rose gold, rutilated quartz, mineral agate, pearl

Photo credit: sandra dini