Sanding tip

We all know and love those great plastic blister packs that
every thing from toothbrushes to tools comes packaged in. Don’t
throw those packs away. I started with the plastic that wax ring
tubes come in and have progressed from there. What, you askes,do
you do with them? I take wet dry sand paper and coat the back
side of it with contact cement and then do the same with a piece
of plastic. After the cement dries you stick them together and
you have a semi rigid {depending on the thickness of the plastic}
sanding media that can be cut to fit. This gives you a nice ridid
edge to sand with or can be cut in long narrow strips to go in
between narrow spaces etc. You also get the added strength of
the plastic so the paper doesn’t tear. It is also cheaper than
manufactured sanding media that is similar.You can vary the grit
and the thickness of the plastic for different needs. I keep a
stock of all grits prepared in my paper bin. Recycle, the Earth
needs your help. Frank

This is a brilliant idea Frank, thanks. I get a similar product
by taping my emery paper to double sided tape not so much for
rigidity but for flexible strength. I tape different grades
together which I then cut to any width to suit the sanding
application. Cheers, Brian Minnear