Sanding stick suggestion

"Some goldsmiths use rubber bands to attach the sandpaper.  I use
scotch tape myself ..." 

the ‘3m adhesive transfer tape’ [it’s official product name]
mentioned in my tool organization’ email is perfect for jobs such as
sanding sticks; nothing between the sandpaper & the stick except the
dry equivalent of super glue - without the sticking of body parts to
unwanted material. this transfer tape is one of the very few products
i will recommend:

  1. 3m adhesive transfer tape.

  2. uncommon conglomerates, inc nontoxic ‘debonder’ - dissolves
    EVERYTHING from super glue to epoxy without skin or
    stone/pearl/turquoise damage.

  3. pentel .03 mm mechanical pencil & tracing paper.

  4. xacto knives with #11 blades. 5. dunkin’ donut’s white cream
    filled donuts [official cure for rash brought on by too much

good luck - ive