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Sanding Sponges

Those things are wonderful! Got mine at Woodworker’s Supply Co. Ask
Google where they are, and good luck. They’ll spoil you.


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Okay gang, I shirked my responsibility when I gave the original
source for the sanding marvels and said ask Google where the company
was. Just rec’d a new catalog from them and here is the info:
Woodworkers Supply is in Casper WY, but much easier to call
1-800-645-9292 or click up The sanding sponges
are on page 129, come in packs of 5 nice large rectangles that can
be cut to size preferred. Wonderfully flexible and easy to use, the
seven different grades run from Medium (120-180) up to Micro-Fine in
two grades, the highest is (1500-2000). Usual disclaimers here. No
doubt there are also local woodworking suppliers you could check for
this product as well as other supply catalogs. But hey, they
remembered ME.


One other place to find sanding paper if you’re inclined to make
your own sponges, is an automotive store. ie; Auto Zone has a range
of grits all the way down (up?) to 2000. And I still advocate using
the micro paint touch up brushes I got there that are wonderful for
flux application!

Hope that helps somebody out, Carol