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Sanding mandrel


how do you keep sandpaper on a sand mandrel?


What does the mandrel look like?


It has a cut down the middle. thanks Christina


Hi Christina,

Is this the type of mandrel? and does this video help?

Don Meixner


What I do is fold over the very end of the sand paper and I force it into the slot. Thinner stuff you have to fold over twice. You can cut the mandrel shorter also for better control


I load sandpaper just like scavengerqr. I precut sandpaper and polishing papers using an old paper cutter so it’s always ready to use.


If you want to save a few dollars it’s a simple enough tool to make. Just cut the head off of a 10d common nail, saw a slot down the middle and then cut to length. Using nails of different thicknesses you can make several in several sizes for just a few pennies. :wink:


For all it’s worth, FYI: Carpenter’s use “Sanding Paper”, WE use 'Emery paper"…:>) (<= This is my blog address!)

***Gerry Lewy ***



Thank you all! Your replies were very helpful, I appreciate your help. Christina


Elliot- Ha! Until about 5 years ago I never used a fancy store bought one. I always used a piece of brass brazing rod that I slit down the middle. The one I use now I found in a retired jeweler’s tool stash.


I would use a small O-Ring to keep it all from coming undone while in use.