Sandblasting SOS!

Hello: Last year at the MSJA show I bought a small sand blasting
unit from Gesswein. The unit accepts all blasting media. The
first couple of months I used it I was very happy with the
results. Lately, everytime I try to blast a piece the jewelry
has a dirty looking blasted finish. It is horrible! I changed the
media and I still have this problem. How do I resolve this? Do I
need to clean my hoses and if so how do I do that and what kind
of cleaner should I use? Help!! thanks

Hi DeDe You might have water in your compressor which may have
some accumulated rust. Try draining the aircompressor tank of
water and air. There should be a drain valve on the bottom of
the tank. The rust in the water will play havoc on sandblasted
finishes. Hope this helps Daniel Grandi

Are you reusing the same media over and over? The glass beads
eventually break and turn into sharp grit instead of peening the
surface. You didn’t say what media you are using and what is your
air source? Just guessing I’d say get some brand new glass beads
if thats what you’re using and throw the old stuff away, don’t
mix the old and the new…Dave

Oh jee,

If you are using glass it will eventually brake down and giving
a smoother and spotted surface. But you said that you renewed it
all. Than the next thing is the force the particles will hit the
surface you want to blast. a few items can occur:

-Wearing down of the nozzle tip so that de blasting material
spreads more.

-Wearing of the air ventury in the nozzle -Change in air pressure

-Blocked air outlet of the sand blasting unit

-Grease ore dirt in the blast particles

I hope this would help
Martin Niemeijer

Hello All; I thought y’all might want to know how i solved my
sandblasting problem. Jagman’s response got me thinking that
maybe rust was getting in my hoses. It turns out I had too oil
in my aircompressor. I took some of the oil out. Then I let
the air compressor run for 20 minutes and had the air blow out
any debris that was in my hoses.

Now I get perfect results!
My glass beads were fine.