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Sandblasting/casting/how much space?


The subject I was replying to was about the amount of room needed to do
(“There is a bronze casting place in Orlando and I want to stop by one of
these days for a look see… My idea is that it takes lost of space, huge
ovens etc… so really just browsing!!!”). I should have changed the
subject. I was just trying to point out that a huge space is not needed.
Sorry if I caused any problems with folks!


John: So then…your Subject: Sandblasting above… you meant to say
Sand Casting (in bronze)? :wink:

Not really. I have a pretty complete foundry, poured 370-380 lbs in 1 1/2
days, 85 lb crucible capacity, in a 1 car garage with a leanto over the
kilns (either of which I can carry away myself) which will take a 3’ tall
piece without extension rings. It does take some equip. and materials but
it is not outrageous. My foundry is open to anyone who would like to see
it,use it (fee based of course). Primarilt ceramic shell but also some oil
sand and playing with resin bonded sand. Looking into cast steel/iron too.


John Dach and Cynthia Thomas
Maiden Metals

John Dach and Cynthia Thomas
Maiden Metals
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