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Sand Casting Rings - repeated failures

I’ve been trying to cast a pair of wedding rings for some friends but for some reason the metal is only going 2/3 of the way around the ring. I’ve made sure that I have enough air vents all around the mold. My only thought is that maybe the metal is cooling down too fast. Does anyone have any advice?

Just to add some details: I’m sand casing with delft clay, pouring from the top, and keeping the torch on the metal as I pour.

From what I see is that you are not making another ‘feed’ line from the base of the ring to the opposing side. Your casted metal is really ‘cooling’ down at a fast pace. Make another wax and then you should create another ‘2 more’ lines!

@gerrylewy18 has a good point but contributing to that may be a path for trapped air to escape. You really have to have a path for the hot gasses to escape. Unlike a wax burnout in investment casting the gasses need to escape in sand casting.

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