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Sand casting copper…and stand and setup

interesting sand casting stand!
anyone using? comments?



Thank you for posting this! I have one of these casting systems (still in box…) and two overflowing coffee cans of scrap copper waiting for me to try this. I think I’ll have to get a bigger tip for my smith little torch as I was told my smith acetylene won’t be hot enough to melt copper. It’s on my to try list.

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i never use copper, so i also never thought about melting scrap copper to make ingots, rods, and then sheet and wire!

eye opener for me!

i am interested to hear any comments about experiences and best practices for melting copper down!

let us know how your setup works!

i currently set up fire bricks for crucible elevation to be bear to mouth of mold…but this sand casting setup looks great


A while ago I had accumulated a lot of copper and brass scrap. I planned on melting it and turning it into useful stock. I quickly learned that my Meco was not up to the task. Probably, in part, because of how it is setup. I know that my old Presto-Lite or O2 and acetylene torches would do it, but I would have to dig out the old regulators and buy another B tank. I looked into buying a propane furnace and there are several smaller ones that I might consider, but I decided that I would just buy copper and brass as I needed it. I scrapped out what I had for $29 and am now accumulating another pile of scrap. One word of caution. If you are meting brass, do it outside and do it quickly so that you don’t burn off the too much zinc…Rob