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Sand Caddy tent weights

Hi All. As promised, I’m reporting back on my new Sand Caddy
( tent weights. After using them for a couple of
shows, I LOVE them. They are easy to carry, easy to stack, and much
less dangerous than my old PVC pipe and concrete ones. While these
are made to carry sand in the trunk of your car for winter
emergencies, with a screw-eye attached to the lid they make great
tent weights.

The website suggests they carry 40 lbs of sand, but I only got 36 lbs
in- still probably enough. I also found that they were VERY handy in
a recent construction project that required some weight on pieces
being glued together. The mere fact that they don’t roll, and can be
easily laid behind your booth when not in use (I usually don’t keep
mine hung up during the day), makes these vastly superior to the old
ones. And if they do fall over, it’s a much softer process than with
the PVC/concrete. And they’re only $10 apiece!


Hi All. In my recent post raving about these weights, I completely
forgot to add a plea to any Orchidian in the L.A. area who wants some
FREE tent wieghts to come and get my old ones. They are PVC/concrete,
and I want them outta here! Contact me off-list if you’re interested.