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I just joined the Ganoksin Orchid community and am thrilled to be here! I am setting up my jewelry bench in my new home of San Francisco and am unsure about where to go for jewelry suppliers. Specifically, I am looking for a torch, and accompanied gas and oxygen tank. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to buy these things in the bay area?

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Otto Frei is in Oakland, and you can pick up at their counter.

For mail order:
The ‘go to’ supplier for most jewelers is Rio Grande:
I also like Gesswein (their customer service is outstanding):
And finally, Contenti: Their $59 Flex Shaft isn’t half bad. I use it as a second flex shaft to supplement my Foredom.

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I figured someone got ahead of me in answering, OTTO FREI!!! Oakland, CA. You will find everything you need and also a crew of people dedicated to tremendous customer service.


Google “welding supplies” ands the your city, and/or your zip code. They will have the regulators, torches, bottles for oxy/acetylene, refills, and good advice.

Consider switching from acetylene to propane. It’s cheaper, easier to handle, burns cleaner, and burns at almost the same temperature as acetylene/air. If you consider buying used tanks be sure
to check that their certification is still in date.

I love the “Little Torch,” but if you want something that will give you a more heat, bigger tips and a larger rosebud for bigger castings, I suggest the “Victor 100” butt.

You can checkout all of this stuff, while you’re at the welding supply shop.

Paul McClain

Paul’s right about where to get gas bottles, but I’d be cautious about using propane indoors. It is heavier than air, and has a tendency, if leaked, to creep across the floor until it finds your water heater or some other source of sparks or flame. Also, I found the “Little Torch” to be poorly made, with valves that come loose just at the wrong moment.

Andrew, I’m surprised at your description of the little torch. They used to be well made, U.S. made torch from Smith. I wonder where the one you didnt like was made. The one on my bench was purchased about 40 years ago and still works just fine…

Peter Rowr

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Very helpful, thank you Paul! I ended up going with a propane tank as you suggested. I didn’t even think about searching for welding supplies in the area and it turned up with many results! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Yep, Otto Frei is OG Bay area- worth the trip across the bridge (when they open to the public again). If it’s pretty close to apple to apples with Rio Grande - I always go for them mail order too. (First post here and got confuzzled about who I was replying to.)

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