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San Francisco Galleries?



I’m going to be in SF at the end of the month and I was wondering if
anyone can suggest some “must see” galleries. I’m also possible
looking for a place to peddle my goods, so any shops specializing in
mid-range price handmade jewellery would be appreciated.



Be sure to visit Stuart Moore’s Gallery at 1898 Union Street in San
Francisco (415) 292-1430. This is truly a premiere jewelry art
venue. A fantastic display in a beautiful setting with a wonderful
array of outstanding work. Very demonstrative of the modern aesthetic
and the influence of minimalism in contemporary goldsmithing and
jewelry design.

Michael David Sturlin


Quick note to all: Anytime you come to SF, please go to The Velvet Da
Vinci-great gallery, nice owners and always an interesting show!!!
Plus, come down to 760 Market St. The Phelan Bldg. full of
craftspeople, suppliers, gem dealers etc. The Revere Academy on the
9th floor-a must see & explore…No, I don’t work for any of these
good folk-just myself/husband at room #959…You are always welcome to
our workshop-just give us a headsup, so to speak…Donivan & Maggiora
Jlrs. (415)362-4412 Hope to see you sometime,

Jo-Ann & John


Hi Aimee,

San Francisco itself doesn’t have the wealth of galleries one might
wish. My current favorite places are the various outposts of Gallery
of Jewels:

They carry a wide variety of work, mostly, I think, on consignment.
I recently saw that one of the stores has added Sydney Lynch, which
pleases me no end, but the one in this neighborhood (Noe Valley) has
been carrying Deborah Caperton for a while–she’s their high end–and
they say they do really well with her work.

The Museum Store at SFMOMA has some very interesting work:

You will definitely want to check out Velvet Da Vinci, even though
it tends to be a little on the Metalsmith end of things and may not
be a possible venue for your work:

Their Swedish Jewelry show just closed, and I don’t see any
indication on their site of what’s next.

If you are willing to take Caltrain to Palo Alto, to visit De
Novo–something I recommend without reservation–you can see some of
the best jewelry being made today:

And, if you have the use of a car, you will definitely want to cross
the Golden Gate Bridge and visit Marin County. While there, you can
do what I, sadly, have still not done, and visit the fine jewelry
gallery of Orchidian Jqnet Alix, in friendly Mill Valley:

I am moving on November 3rd (leaving part of my heart, at least, in
San Francisco), but, if you want more info, email me off list.

Have fun!
Lisa Orlando


Aimee, there are a LOT of galleries and jewelry boutiques in San
Francisco, as well as the surrounding areas - Sausalito, Palo Alto,
Walnut Creek, etc. If you have time to look around in Sausalito,
that is probably the area with the most galleries all in one place.
You can take the ferry from SF to Sausalito and just wander around -
there’s a little of everything there, and it’s a pretty small town,
so the galleries are all walking distance from the ferry stop and
each other. Union Street in SF also has a lot of mid-price-range
jewelry (sterling silver and semi-precious especially). The Academy
of Art sometimes has student exhibitions of jewelry/ metalwork up,
they are located in the South of Market area if I’m not mistaken, and
the Revere Academy is also in SF, near the downtown (Powell Street)
BART stop. I believe galleries are also starting to pop up around the
Mission St area and the Marina as well, although I haven’t spent much
time looking around those areas, but a lot of trendy nightlife
centers around those areas, so I imagine they also have some trendy
galleries. There’s lots of good and bad everything in SF, and much of
it is walking distance from the downtown area - other people might be
able to give you more specifics, but it can be fun just wandering
around in the neighborhoods that have shops and galleries.