San Diego Show

To All in the San Diego County area, please be aware there is an
excellent Native American, Southwestern Art Show currently open
through tomorrow Sunday April 4th to 6:00 PM, at the Bazaar Del
Mundo at Old Town San Diego.

List member Lee Epperson has a booth there and has participated for
the last 10 years. Lee’s cast silver designs are wonderful, and do
attract a lot of attention and yes, some buyers too.

The quality of materials shown there are above the norm, I am a
native American Jewelry aficionado and collector for 53 years now,
and yes I do have that which I purchased then through the present.

One dealer has several cases of “Dead Pawn” I saw some remarkable
jewelry within those cases, very old as well as modern light which I
have no interest in at all. I thought the prices were fair and
almost bought a wide bangle set watch. Bouncing a check this week
broke that very strong inclination, I was able to resist.

If you have the time, or are looking for a wonderful day, head on
down there, you will be very happy you did. While there please make
sure to meet Lee, he welcomes an Orchid hug.