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San Diego Orchid party

Hello, all San Diego Orchids. This is the last call to contact me if
you want to attend the party on this coming Saturday, May 22nd, from
2-7 pm at my house in La Jolla.

This is a potluck/bbq with an optional $10 donation to Orchid. It’s
time to get to meet our other local Orchid members. Come and relax,
eat, chat and be sure to bring your swim suit if you’re so inclined.

We’re all very excited about this initial gathering and hope anyone
who hasn’t seen the previous messages does see this one. All you
need to do to attend is email me or call me at 858-551-0227 and I’ll
get you the directions and map asap.

If anyone tried to contact me via email and hasn’t heard back from
me to date please call me directly.

This afternoon, Lisa and Mark Van Herik opened their lovely home to
Orchid members within San Diego county and surrounding areas.

It was a delightful day and about 60 were in attendance throughout
the entire afternoon and evening. The ambiance was perfect, as was
the weather.

Much was willingly shared as usual, when members of
Orchid gather either online or in person. Much good will come of
this and similar gatherings around the globe.

Hanuman’s dream is really coming to fruition. His and Ton’s ears
should have been vibrating from the waves of praise coming their

People far away were mentioned and appreciated for their
commentaries and participation, John Burgess and Charles
Lewton-Brain were just two of many.

The Archives were mentioned many times over. The impact the
discovery of Orchid had on some. the hours spent reading the
archives to catch up on posts years earlier. It really is amazing
what one man dared to dream.

Thank you Hanuman, and Ton for carrying through this dream and
making our reality so much better.

With Love,

I just returned from the San Diego Orchid get-together hosted by
Lisa van Herik and her husband, Mark. Good company, good food, good
friends. It was definitely worth the effort traveling there. I met
some Orchid folks who I have only known on-line, which was great.
Met some new folks who knew me from my voluminous posts. Networking,
networking, and more networking ! It was a blast ! Thanks to
everyone who put this event together.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Hi Terrie

It was a wonderful party. I had a great time. I left early to go to
my daughter’s in Vista for the evening and missed seeing Lisa’s work.
Steve Artz told me about it today when I went to see him in the
enamel guild’s Studio 5 today. Here is one of the photos I took.

Attachment Removed

Thanks to all the San Diego Orchids who made this past Saturday’s
party so wonderful. We had a steady flow of new faces from about 2
til 9 and the food contributions were utterly fabulous as was the
company (who knew metalsmiths could cook like that?).

I was particularly pleased to have some members of the San Diego
Enamalist Society (did I get that right, Karla and Louise?) and
MAASC (Metal Arts Association of Southern California) as well as the
newly formed PMC Guild of San Diego attend. We also had great
representation from The University of California San Diego Craft
Center/Jewelry department.

The enthusiasm for similar future gatherings was definative and
universal…so this was just the beginning. I’d especially like
to thank Orchid for inspiring us and helping to forge many new
friendships and collaborations. It was truly a thrill to watch and
participate in this event.

We had an optional $10 donation to Orchid and raised just short of
$400, spreading the good word about Orchid all the way. All I need
now is to know where to send it. Hanuman, can you send me the