[San Diego] Orchid Gathering - May 22nd

Hi all,

Just got this from Lisa Van Herik who is generously
donating her time to put this upcoming May 22nd gathering together
in support of Orchid.

Greetings MAASC members! On Saturday, May 22nd, from 2 to 7pm we’re
having a get together for all local San Diego county members at my
home just off 5, in La Jolla. It’s a potluck with an optional
donation to Orchid of $10 (since they got this whole thing started
to begin with).

Directions to my home will be sent out en masse shortly before the
event so please, if you’d like to attend, email me at
lisavh@earthlink.net or call and leave me a message at 858-551-0227.
If you email and don’t get a reply from me within a few days, please
call (since my puter is eating some emails at random).

Come and relax, eat, swim and get to know some of your fellow
metalsmiths. It should be a great party and we’ve got lots of space
so feel free to bring a friend and let your students know they are
welcome also. Looking forward to hearing from you…

Lisa Van Herik


Unfamiliar with Orchid and how this web location, resource library,
and digest can help you? http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/orchid.htm

Select “Join and Post” if you would like to join to obtain the
digest of questions and answers as it is produced by Hanuman and Ton

My best,
Trish McAleer - http://www.metalcorrugation.com
MASSC President - http://www.massconline.com


I wish I was close enough to drive over to be at this gathering. I
am sure it will be a beautiful day. Always had a soft corner for San
Clemente area.

Kenneth Singh