San Antonio Jewelry Attractions

Hello, Orchidians!

I’m headed to San Antonio in a few weeks for a long weekend. Any

I’m staying along the Riverwalk, and I’m on my own much of the time

  • completely free to set my own agenda.

Can anyone recommend any jewelry/metals points of interest? Studios?
Galleries? or, Restaurants? (umm, well, I do have to eat.)

Thanks in advance!
Orchid Rocks!
ginger, in growing-ever-colder North Carolina

Hello, Ginger!

There are lots of things to see in San Antonio, especially downtown.
In La Villita there are about a half-dozen art galleries, the best
of which is Chamade.

The history of San Antonio spans hundreds of years, from the Alamo
(Spanish for cottonwood) to San Fernando Cathedral, the oldest
cathedral in the United States. (Sorry, New Orleans, I’m biased) The
Emily Morgan Hotel is named after the slave who turned in Santa Ana,
(The Yellow Rose), and is supposedly haunted. Same for the Gunther,
where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Rough Riders. All these places
are right on the Riverwalk.

If you wander south, out of downtown, you’ll run into, well,
Southtown- the historic King William area. Huge beautiful houses and
art galleries are cheek-by-jowl with trendy restaurants. I recommend
Mad Hatter’s, if you’re up for a trip through the looking glass - be
careful of the uneven floors, and make sure you sit in the chair
with cow-patterned upholstry - that was always my favorite chair.
Their burgers are the best, and leave room for pie. The Blanco Cafe
around the corner is a landmark favorite, as well.

If you’re there the first Friday of November, you’ll be in time for
the spontaneous art festival called First Friday. (San Antonians are
straightforward in their naming, arent’ they?) The street will be
crowded with all kinds of people from all walks of life, and the
artwork is amazing. If you’re lucky, the people from Ecuador who
make painted wooden jewelry will be there.

Say hello to SATown for me, and please let her know I’ll be home in

Have a great time!

Check out the Southwest School of Art and Craft. Maybe thre is a
workshop. It’s on the Riverwalk and clsoe to the Alamo.


Hi Ginger,

Try to get to the Southwest School of Art and Craft. Here is their
Web site: