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Salt water etching with a rectfier

Hello. I’ve decided to switch from ferric chloride to salt water for
etching base metals, copper, brass, bronze, nickel. Since I have an
18 amp rectifier, I plan to use that. I’ve only used the rectifier
once for electroforming so I’m not that familiar with it. Can
someone advise on the best voltage and current settings for salt
water etching? I’ve google searched but so far can’t find anything
on that specific issue.

Several years ago I salt etched with a rectifier in an enameling
class and had good results. I took good notes. Only problem. not
sure what I did with the notes!

Thanks, Mary


I was interested in your post. I am so new to etching, I needed to
look up what you were talking about. Not sure if this will help you
but it helped me to understand it better. [PDF file]

Good Luck

Back to the question re: recommended settings on rectifier for salt
water etching. This post on my blog might help with this:

and this post for more info:

I also highly recommend reading Coral Schaffer’s book "Relief
Etching for Jewelers and Enamelists. This post shows the book and
discusses some safety concerns:

I did a LOT of research and problem solving to come up with a method
that works for me. For my own health, and because I taught this
technique in the classroom, I had a strong interest in doing it

Enjoy the process and take care,