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Salt shakers and cellars


Would anyone care to share their sterling salt shaker or cellar

I remember the discussion about someone asking how to make a screw
top for one but I have searched far and wide for any example projects
on how any type is made and have never seen one anywhere. I would be
interested in sourcing blue glass inserts like the old cellars rather
than gold plate the inside.

I also think it would be much easier to plug the bottom and make a
permanent top that has holes than make a screw top. So I guess I
could make a one piece kind of cone or cylinder body that I can place
over a glass insert that has the salt in it.

Are there any publicly shared examples of a construction like that?

Sorry if this seems like a simple question but being self taught I
many times have to see the basic construction process so that I get
that “oh, that’s how they do that” kind of moment.

If there are only examples of this construction in books that would
be just as great as internet sources.

Thanks for this awesome community,