Sales tip that work for you

Share something that you have found that works for you that is
something you do often that you feel has made selling easier,
something that makes it easier for you to relate to your customer, or
for your customer to relate to you.

When I can tell that a woman is having a hard time deciding whether
buy a piece of jewelry, close to commitment, pondering, hesitating
trying to justify why she needs or deserves it, (it is usually not
about price) I ask them if they like it or love it. If they say they
love it, I casually ponder, I say “You know, I have noticed that when
a man wants (pick two or three): a computer, sports equipment, tools,
a car, a boat, stereo equipment, they research to find out what they
want based on need, not cost.They usually get want they want.”

No woman has disagreed with me, they all know it is true. Then I say
"I will give you some time to think about it, let me know if I can
help", there is something I need to do for a few minutes. I walk
away. I come back in a few minutes and check with her.

No woman has disagreed with me, and my purpose and intention is that
women need to empower themselves and to take care of themselves. It
is not about making the sale, it is about planting a seed.

Richard Hart