Sales Rep demystified


Thanks everyone for your tips. Sorry I didn’t write back sooner. I
was in a car accident over the weekend and the car was totaled…we
were unhurt, but it takes an amazingly long time to get home without
your car!

15-20% is fine with me, I just had needed to know what current going
rates are and had really no idea. I’m not worried about losing my
beaded necklaces (I’ll have insurance anyway). It’s just that I am
thinking about the safety of the sales rep. Wheeling a jeweler’s case
around the city makes one a target, no matter if the jewelry inside
is fine or costume. I want her to be safe.

Just one more question…and this is probably relative. Is it
possible to define “sample” for me? What makes a good sample
amount…20, 30, 100 pieces? Is she selling normally right out of the
case or taking orders?

Kim Starbard

Is she selling normally right out of the case or taking orders? 

She is taking orders. Otherwise, your best sellers would be missing
at the second store she visited!

I think you have to have a “line” or three. That is, a grouping all
in the same basic style that makes a visual statement, and probably
has a name. Each line would have necklaces, bracelets, earrings,
brooches, or whatever it is that you make, in some choices of colors
and styles and sizes and prices. Think how a store’s case might look
with a nice big order of your jewelry in it. Can various customers
find what they want? IMHO.