Sales of expensive gold jewellery online

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Im interested in Janets question re sales of expensive gold jewellery
generated from internet exposure. Im developing a new website & blog,
hoping to eventually transition from having a store-front
studio/gallery. What is the experience of others in this regards?

best to all
Leslie Chapman
Fortymile Gold

Hi Leslie,

My wife and I moved from Portland, OR to Bend, OR a few years back
which has completely changed how I work and how my work comes to me.
I had been in Portland for nearly 10 years and during that time
nearly all of my work was by referral. I have had a website for
nearly 12 years now, which has gone through 6 different updates and
total rebuilds. Today I am 100% web based and it is both exciting and
scary, but I have over the last 2 years I have enjoyed my best 2
years ever and so far it appears that 2015 is off to a great start.

I have discovered that networking on the web is no different than
networking in any community. You have to be visible in different
locations which will help bring people to your website.

Good luck and yes it can be done.
Happy New Years.