Sales from Orchid galleries


John was right, The purpose of the Orchid Galleries is not to
generate sales. But guys, If your gallery page does generate traffic
to your website and you benefit from it as a Sales generating tool, I
am happy for you. However all sales are your own business, Ganoksin
and myself are not responsible nor benefit from it. I truly hope that
your gallery page will bring you revenue, recognition and sales. Keep
posting and keep sharing.



This is too silly.

Everything is about MARKETING…

Why do you think Hanuman wanted people to VOTE for Orchid???

The galleries create a synergy for Orchid AND for the Artist.

I design SUCCESSFUL web sites for others… and my Mystic Merchant
site gets more than 1100 unique visitors per DAY and is growing.

I track where ALL of my visitors come from… my Orchid gallery
brings about 15 unique visitors per week… my gallery has been
there a looooong time (years).

On a number or search engines my link comes from my Orchid gallery!

Sales from my gallery… one confirmed lead that led to a sale. Many
contacts from other artists and suppliers that have been very good.

The internet is about the synergy of NETWORKING…

I some how think it is large enough to accommodate both commercial
and non-commercial uses… and it will still be about NETWORKING…

It is awesome and incredible…

Hey, it has given us each other… what a NETWORK already!

New unbelievable connections are forming NOW and will continue to
develop in un-thought of ways…

I love studying and working with this new paradigm… nothing like it
has ever existed before…

We are living on the edge of the future…

Enjoy it to the fullest… or not …just another choice :>)

all the best in all things,