Sale rep for one of a kind pieces

How do i get a rep since all of my pieces are one of a kind? I tend
to have a style that leans toward funky and hip.

Andrea Streicher
Streicher Studios

Hi Angela:
I too make originals… if ya have any luck clue me in OK?..Ringman

I have heard of a woman named Christy (sp?) Harris who worka out of
Los Angeles. She is suppossed to be a leading jewelry rep. Does
anyone know how to reach her?? –

There are sales reps that will go to stores and sell cash and carry.
You could supply a sales rep with one of a kind pieces and a catalogue
with pictures. Scanners are a terrific way to make pictures and fast.
The retail stores could order from the pictures and also take designs
that the sales rep is carrying around. You could call galleries or
the type of store that would sell your pieces and ask if they know any
good sales reps that they would be willing to recommend.

I met with the showroom sales asst. in Jan. for Kristi Harris Sales
while Kristi was out of town. I found them very professional and the
showroom impressive. They were not interested in repping my style of
architectrual jewelry. I also do not recall seeing one-of-a-kind
jewelry represented there. You might want to give them a call.

	Kristi Harris Sales
	127 E 9th Street, Ste. 707
	LA  CA  90015

Good Luck! Rebecca.