Salary Standards

So was looking into a job offer and wanted to know some of the
markets out here.

Specialty is Custom Design in Lost Wax. I can do Castings,Stone
Setting, including all aspects of setting, Repairs, Platinum work,
Sales, Basic CAD including Gemvision, Enameling, basically
everything. That and I have a full studio of equipment and tanks.

In the business for 17 Years now. The reason I am asking I have a
offer going into a local store either hourly, or piece meal…and
can do other trade accounts at this location. I know I could make
more having a few more accounts, rather than just one. I am just
more than your bench jeweler I just am not one to deal with
quantity, rather quality.

I am in Reno, Nevada and this location has 2 other locations in

Britten V. Wolf